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I was asked several times (five?) about this blog, the logo, the meaning and its history. Here is a a short summary. To explain to those readers (and the thousands that will follow) what the real history of this blog is.

I created the blog in 2002 as a “platform” for me and a few friends to write and exchange respective thoughts about our studies, life, and friendship. It was the time of my MBA at the Milan SDA Bocconi school of management. Hence the first name of the blog: “g&f”, which stands for “giusec & friends“.

Few days were enough to understand that those friends would never write a line on my new blog. Nevertheless, the blog name (and the logo) were not replaced and were in place for long long time.

The picture below shows the evolution of the blog logo, which is mostly based on blogging platforms and domains.


The gecko. Well. Frankly, I can no longer remember the reason why I decided to use a gecko instead of a muskox or a platypus or whatever other animal.

In 2004, Maus, a friend and blogger, sent an unexpected gift: a brand new professional logo for g&f (the gecko on the right). This blogger was (is?) a designer working at the national newspaper La Stampa, published in Turin.

Recently the 2004 g&f gecko was removed – and the blog missed a logo/brand until May 2016 when a new logo was created. I used 99designs and I hired about 20 designers. Got +200 logo designs and the current logo was my final choice. Author is Angela Cuellar, an amazing designer. Her job can be found here.


That’s all, folks.

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