La Confraternita del Geco (The Brotherhood of the Gecko)


(original post is here, in Italian)

I met all of them years ago, when I started my MBA class, in Milan. It was the end of 2003.

One year later Confraternita del Geco (Brotherhood of the Gecko) was created by 8 brave MBA students. One left (was forced to leave?) a couple of years later. They established a solid friendship. A statute was created. It was established to have a dinner-meeting every third Wednesday of each month (Gecocena, the Gecko-dinner) in an unknown osteria in Milan. Each month organised by a different member of the brotherhood – il Grangeco. A couple of them created the first sushi factory in Italy. Recently, a Whatsapp group was created – Confraternita definitely knows how to use the latest technologies.

After 10 years, Confraternita is still alive – and kicking. Next meeting, all together, will take place this weekend, in London. We will celebrate 10 years of our friendship (and 10 yrs of our statute!). A full photo report will be featured – on this blog.

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