London vagabonding


Being alone for 2 days, I started vagabonding around London. Stepherd’s Bush Market, Great Portland Street, Shoreditch, Greenwich. I started walking on Saturday, like a Forrest Gump on a much much smaller scale. Weather was shitty, rainy and windy, as only London can offer during a weekend. But I was well equipped and I didn’t gave up easily (yes, at the end I gave up). I have no health wristbands, but I can easily say that I made good 10 miles (Anto will argue I made max 2). Yes, of course I took a couple of shortcuts (tube) to avoid news like this tomorrow on the Evening Standard:

MIDDLE-AGED ITALIAN DIES IN LONDON AFTER WALKING FOR MORE THAN 10 MILES. Witnesses believe that he walked only 2m. before being transported to the nearest hospital.

Anyway, I am still alive writing here in a cafè in Shoreditch. No witnesses really can contradict me today.

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