Lost (and now found)


And so I went this early morning back to Milan Linate airport to look for my lost iPad mini. The first place where I started my research was the L&F office. The lost&found office works with/for lost baggage only. A different office is in charge of lost objects. So I went to the different office. A different-different office is in charge of objects lost on Alitalia flights. So I went to the different-different office.

They found immediately the iPad. It was still stored somewhere close to the runaways. It took 45 mins to get it back to the office, and then in my hands.

I have to say – people from the 3 offices were extremely polite and helpful. The third office was supposed to open at 9am, but they started the research as soon as I got there. It was 8am. Thank you.

So the iPad is now back home. I’ve just deactivated the lost mode. Few minutes after powering the iPad on, I got a tweet from the Airport account.

In few words:

  • phone numbers to contact lost objects office in Milan Linate are +39 0224993458 (Alitalia flights) and +39 0274852359
  • emails are oggetti.smarriti@alitalia.it (Alitalia flights) and lostproperty@seamilano.eu (all other flights)

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