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Today (in 57 minutes) Eataly will open its 25th store – one of the largest around the globe. After Manhattan, Rome, Tokyo, Chicago it’s time for Milan’s Eataly Smeraldo (from the name of the theatre whose location is now the new Eataly store). The opening day is a clear choice: March 18th was the beginning of the five days of Milan, a major event in the Revolutionary Year of 1848 (and the barricades, and Radetzky, etc.). So the opening wants to be a sign of Resurgence (Risorgimento). For Italy, Milan and its delicious food (see also the Expo2015‘s theme, next year).

Oh, and by the way, some figures – the four biggest Eataly stores are

  • Rome, 15,800 sqm
  • Chicago, 5,800 sqm
  • Milan Smeraldo, 5,000 sqm
  • Manhattan, 4600 sqm

From the Economist:

Eataly provides its customers with gorgeous surroundings—less combative than at Harrods in London, less oppressively wholesome than at Whole Foods Markets, an American chain—in which they might imagine Gianmaria and Francesca weeding the tomato plants or treading the grapes. Mr Farinetti is selling them a seductive image of Italy itself.

Well done. I will go, soon. You?

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