Notes from Milan


Spent a few days in a freezing Milan (London is a tropical town in comparison), got cold and fog, visited nice sites, tested a few interesting restaurants (the good Osteria, the modern Ham Holy Burger, the easy-going pizzeria).

I lodged in Washington/Piemonte area, which is a very central district on the west side of Milan. Few minutes walk and you are at the site where the super-famous Leonardo’s Last Supper is hosted. The largest bookstore in town is located here. CityLife district with its brand new towers is just a few steps away.

Still, traffic is a nightmare and so is parking. The line 4 of the subway (the “blue line”) is under construction and this doesn’t make things easier. Funny enough,  Milan is the only town where line 5 (the “purple line”) has been built, while line 4 is still in progress. I assume next lines to be built will be in order: line 14, line 8, line 6, according to city plans.

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