About Paris, Miracles and the Life of Pi


Hoping that Parisien Taxi drivers will speak some English one day and their credit card machines will work is like waiting for a miracle.

It just doesn’t work (well, miracles might happen, Paris taxi drivers’ card machines working is just not possible).

But Paris is a magic place, and there is always a reward to your endless patience, there is always something that will balance your miserable taxi experience. This time, my reward was the hotel. Hotel Molitor. Remember Life of Pi? Remember Piscine Molitor Patel? Yes, that one. Exactly that one. Spending two days as a guest in that hotel, with that piscine just outside my room.

There is always something in Paris┬áthat balance the taxi experience. Because miracles happen. Getting on board of a taxi equipped with a working card machine with proper wireless connection and the comfort of some understandable english words simply doesn’t work.

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