Recommendations for extreme-risk destinations


I have filled all forms for travelling to Nigeria, including the high extreme-risk destination travel form. Among recommended behaviours:

  • Only use transportation services approved/provided by the local office.  Do not use public transportation.  Do not rent a car.
  • Only stay at a hotel approved by both the local office and iSOS
  • Only eat at restaurants and attend entertainment events if approved by the local office and accompanied by local staff
  • Do not engage in any leisure travel/sightseeing.
  • Never travel alone.  Avoid isolated and high-risk areas. Remain off the streets after dark
  • (In a vehicle) Always lock the doors and wear your seat belt.
  • (In a vehicle) Keep windows rolled up and use air conditioners.
  • (In a vehicle) If possible, sit in the back seat.  The seat behind the driver is usually considered the safes
  • If detained by authorities, identify yourself, be respectful, obey authorities, keep calm and be courteous, request to contact a local manager and the embassy.


  • To maximize safety and security, select a room located between the 4 and 6th floor. Whenever possible do not accept a hotel room on the ground floor that has doors and windows that open to the outside. Hotels with interior hallways tend to be generally safer.

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