14H 20M

Last night in Dubai. Tomorrow early morning flying to New York. The longest flight of my life: 14H 20M no stop. Previous records: a trip to Singapore (about 13H) and several to LAX (12H). So strange to spend one full day up in Airworld. Back to Earth soon.

JBR & the Dubai Eye

Dubai. Where road works and constructions go relentlessy 24 hours per day. One of these brand new towers + hotel + resort is rising just in front of my hotel of course. So I cannot sleep, works will continue all night long, a piece of Jumeirah beach already disappeared, workers will rise in a few…

Dubai Marina

Heading to the hotel. Dubai’s skyline changes every time I land.


Ready to leave – Dubai, then New York. Back to Milan next Monday. Meetings. Then a couple of days of relax. Time to go.