We cannot expect you to show any sympathy


Just received a personal message (that’s how the title starts) from Mr. Jens Bischof, CCO of Lufthansa Airlines. A subset:

I am well aware that this week, some 425,000 Lufthansa customers will miss important business appointments and may have to postpone their well-deserved family holiday or even a trip planned to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

We cannot expect you to show any sympathy for the fact that, in the days ahead, we will not be able to take you to your destination as usual. What I can do, for my part, is offer you my sincere apologies for the disruption caused by the strike.

Can you imagine a similar initiative from Alitalia or Aifrance each time they go striking? My inbox would be filled up with a continuous flow of emails. After few weeks, the spam filter would engulf all messages. Nothing left.

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