Where am I from?


Yesterday night, after a boring cabaret gig, I was asked where I am from. I had to think for a few seconds before providing the (right?) answer.

Of course, I am Italian. But where am I really from?

I was born in Sicily. I left the island when I was 18. I spent 28 years in Milan. Austin, Texas, was my home town for some time in the late nineties. Now London, where I moved +3 years ago. I have been travelling at least 180 days per year in the last 10 years, mainly around the two US coasts and Europe. I fluently speak three languages – and I should seriously refresh my Italian. My daughters live in Milan. For now. My parents in Sicily. The rest of my family – spread around Italy and US.

Whenever I fly back to London, after a trip, I think: yes, back home. Same thing happens, now with a less convinced attitude, every time I land in Milan.

So, where am I really from?

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