WiFi password collection


This is all about listing public Wifi passwords collected during my travels around the world. Some are nice. Most are funny. Other hilarious. Few are just a collection of digits and characters. Here you go. Very dynamic post, subject to be updated.

Note. Most of the pubs-bars in London use The Cloud. Where you register, choose your id and password. That’s why there won’t be so many places from London in the list.

  • iloveyou (I was surprised to discover that several pubs in Reykjavik use this same password)
  • ilovereykjavik (of course in Reykjavik – putting all j, i, y in the right position is challenging..)
  • sexonthebeach (bar-lounge on the seafront in Margate, UK. Note: Margate is definitely not Cannes. Not sure if the beach will inspire sex on the beach…)
  • chocolatecake (nice bar in central Canterbury)

Back soon.

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