2016 Marketing Technology Landscape


The updated 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape has been released. It’s a monumental collection of solutions and companies active in MarTech.

Landscape Supergraphic in pdf is available here.

Landscape Supergraphic in jpg is available here.

Interesting enough, this year landscape is about 3,874 marketing technology solutions (!) which is approximately 87% growth over last year. That’s really amazing when you consider how large the landscape was last year already. The Landscape Supergraphic listed 150 solutions in 2011, about 350 in 2012, about 1000 in 2014 and 2000 in 2015.

The top 5 largest categories, by number of solutions included, are:

  1. Sales Automation, Enablement & Intelligence (220)
  2. Social Media Marketing & Monitoring (186)
  3. Display & Programmatic Advertising (180)
  4. Marketing Automation & Campaign/Lead Management (161)
  5. Content Marketing (160)

One thing is certain though: marketing technology is a fascinating space.

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