Socialism and Individualism

Via The Guardian – here the full piece. There are several reasons why rampant individualism sits at the core of the Tory project. Individualism promotes the idea that our successes in life are purely down to our own efforts. That rationalises inequality, because it perpetuates the myth that the wealthiest are the brightest and hardest…


The big news of the day. Microsoft and LinkedIn: Joining forces to empower professionals and organizations. — LinkedIn (@LinkedIn) June 13, 2016

2016 Marketing Technology Landscape

The updated 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape has been released. It’s a monumental collection of solutions and companies active in MarTech. Landscape Supergraphic in pdf is available here. Landscape Supergraphic in jpg is available here. Interesting enough, this year landscape is about 3,874 marketing technology solutions (!) which is approximately 87% growth over last year. That’s…

Global 2015 M&As: a summary

A surge of deals in the pharmaceuticals, energy and consumer sectors has pushed merger & acquisition activity to an all-time high, surpassing 2007’s peak — but dealmakers have admitted that bond market turmoil and geopolitical instability are their biggest worries for 2016.

Uber and the sharing economy

Because of my personal and professional habits I have been exposed to the sharing economy and its services, since the beginning. I have been using Uber in London, Paris and Milan; I have been watched airbnb, I have investigated other apps and services (the new parking apps). Uber, my first experience and attempt to understand…