Alitalia: new brand, old style


Have you already seen the new Alitalia brand? Made of Italy. Yes. And the new re-branding campaign?

The beginning of a new journey. They say.

The new look is chic, stylish and sooooo Italian (sorry, multiple “o” are mine), someone else writes.

Italy is the embodiment of beauty, warmth, passion, hospitality and a way of life. It is an undisputed leader of style and innovative design. The Alitalia of today, as a national symbol, is imbued with the finest qualities for which this country is famous.  Said Cramer Ball, Alitalia CEO.

Alitalia hopes to present the best of Italy and the importance the country enjoys on the world stage”, still the CEO.

Now, let’s be pragmatic: I don’t give a s*** if the Alitalia of today reflects style, beauty and passion. Guys, I just need an app for checking-in. I need punctuality at the gates. I don’t really care about beauty and style (well, I do care – but check-in comes first). The thing is: how much the whole re-branding campaign impacted Alitalia’s troubled finances? Yes, my problem: since I (still) pay taxes in my home country – and Alitalia is, as you probably know, owned by Etihad (49% stake) and the Italian government (the rest).

Mr. Ball: all I need is an app that works on my iPhone (no apps at the moment – Alitalia is ridiculously the only western carrier without an app);  I need a website that works (downtime and maintenance seems a daily exercise), I need respect for passengers, I need you respecting your official timetable, I need eventually as a marketer high quality content on your owned media. Not a multi-millionaire re-branding campaign to show passion, beauty and Italian style.

The beginning of a new journey? Ah. We Italians have seen so many new journeys, my friend.

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