Annual birthday stats


As I’m used to do more or less every year (2017, 2016, 2014) here are some stats collected yesterday (the day of my 51st birthday) counting all wishes received by humans and non-humans.

B’day wishes received from Humans, by channel

  • LinkedIn: 82 (it was 67/2017 and 46/2016)
  • Whatsapp: 17 (it was 12/2017 and 5/2016); interestingly, 3 of them were voice messages
  • Calls: 3 ( it was 1/2017 and 0/2016)
  • Twitter: 1 (it was 1/2017 and 0/2016 – thanks, Paolo)
  • Instagram: 0 (it was 0/2017)
  • Skype: 0 (it was 0/2017)
  • Email: 0 (it was 0/2017)
  • Facebook: I’m not on FB, sorry
  • All other social media platforms: 0 (it was 0/2017)

Which gives us a clear indication about how things are evolving in term of social and communication; or non-communications, I should probably say. A few considerations:

  • LinkedIn confirms its strong leadership as the birthday social media platform – guys, ever thought about birthdays as a business?
  • People don’t call, eventually they send voice messages; which I think is natural for Mills and GenZs, but I find it increasingly surprising with Baby Boomers, pre-Baby Boomers and pre-pre Baby Boomers
  • Stats might be biased by age and social presence. For example, I’m not expecting any messages coming on Tik Tok, just to put things in the right perspective.

B’day wishes received from non-Humans, by channel

  • Email: 4 (it was 6/2017). Specifically:
    • Boggi Milano stores
    • David Clulow opticians 
    • KLM, iberostars resorts,
    • Anytime fitness (my gym)

The following non-humans stopped sending b’day wishes:

  • TripIt (what?? Still paying premium membership, folks)
  • The tax advisor institution in Italy (this is fair; now I pay taxes in the UK)
  • The Efteling Park in the Netherlands (how do you know I’m going to UnivStudios this summer?)
  • My Uni in Milan (oh, this is scaring)

See you in 2020, folks.

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