Content Marketing is a lot of fun

CMFF, the speakers!

Content Marketing is literally transforming my daily routine. And it’s not just about all emails I get daily from field marketers who want to receive our new internal Content Marketing newsletter. It’s not about the company leaders who contact me to secure that the Marketing Automation pilot in country X will get my support in term of content.

It’s about all conversations taking place every day which are making my days fun and entertaining.

Past conversations like “we need to create assets for the new campaign” have been now substituted by “we need to complete all turkey slices to launch the next big rock!”. This is becoming so funny. In the last few months I have personally heard or read things like:

  • “Missing a few turkey slices. Please speed up”
  • “How many Big Rocks is your division launching every year?”
  • “Are white papers big rocks? or just rocks?”
  • “Please call the studios. I need few additional turkey slices”.

Funny and rewarding at the same time – one year after we started our journey, results show that our content is generating 3x results vs. traditional campaigns. We all know that. Content marketing is a long time commitment.

Of course it’s not just fun. We face continuous, disappointing, daily, challenges. But no doubts that embracing and supporting a content marketing initiative, and becoming myself a content marketer, is one of the funniest things I have done in the last years.


    1. The other big reward is meeting peers like you and the other folks in Amsterdam :) That was my best Conf in 2016! Planning to attend #CMW?

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