Thanksgiving and Content Marketing

Only one day to go before Thanksgiving and marketers on the other side of the Atlantic (Europe is my side) are ready to take a break, turn their brain off for a few days, spend valuable time with their families and stop thinking about marketing, content & ROI. Wait a moment… ever heard about the […]

Content Marketing is a lot of fun

Content Marketing is literally transforming my daily routine. And it’s not just about all emails I get daily from field marketers who want to receive our new internal Content Marketing newsletter. It’s not about the company leaders who contact me to secure that the Marketing Automation pilot in country X will get my support in […]

The Mixology of Content Marketing

Nice infographic from JBH. Topic is Content Marketing and the way to mix content for a successful strategy. A bit confused in my view, because it doesn’t clarify which phases of the buyer journey this content mix feeds, but nice to see. A different way to illustrate the Thanksgiving analogy.

“Big Rock” content in a nutshell

Note. This is just a draft of what I will publish in a cleaner and improved format in a few days. When I write or talk about content marketing strategy, I am used to get the following question – among others: OK, but what exactly is a “Big Rock”? And what’s the difference between Big […]