I have been intrigued by the last book I’ve read (“Disrupted“, Dan Lyons) and the full story behind, including the dramatic end – the last summer’s scandal in which former HubSpot executives allegedly attempted to obtain a predraft copy. Though federal investigators dropped the case without pressing any charges, the incident caused HubSpot to fire the CMO (Mike Volpe); the incident also led to the resignation of the VP of Content (Joe Chernov) and a pay cut for the CEO, “who knew about Volpe’s actions but failed to bring the ethical violation to the board’s attention in a timely fashion” reports the Boston Globe.

I think that whatever is your opinion about how things really went, everyone working in the content marketing / inbound marketing domain should read this book. A few interesting complimentary readings I found googling for Disrupted: a very balanced post by Dan Levy, Rand Fishkin of Moz who thinks that “it is almost certainly the case that Dan Lyons went into the Hubspot job seeking to parody the workplace and/or create satire“, an article from Fortune, and Undisrupted, the formal answer by Hubspot’s founders – and many many others.

But the thing is, as I said: everyone working in the content marketing domain should read this book and make his personal mind about it. Quoting Dan Levy: I don’t understand how can you work in our field and not read the book. Even if stings a little bit.

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