The Role of Pilot Programs in Global Content Marketing


Just posted The Role of Pilot Programs in Global Content Marketing on LinkedIn Pulse. Which is a subset of the broader post How to Launch a B2B, Cross-Regional Global Content Marketing Strategy – published on NewsCred’s Insights in November 2016. Planning to dissect the main post in several other more detailed sub-posts, to take a deeper look at individual pieces of a Global Content Strategy:

Step 1: Finding the Optimal Balance Between Central and Local
Step 2: Establishing Local Editorial Boards
Step 3: Defining Local Target Personas
Step 4: Selecting a Content Hub
Step 5: Launching an Internal Communications Strategy
Step 6: Educating Marketers About Your Content Marketing Program
Step 7: Piloting Your Content Marketing Strategy
Step 8: Finally, Going Global

As a matter of fact: 1) global content marketing, 2) PR & content integration and 3) Keyword strategy/SEO are three of my major areas of focus for 2017. So expect thoughts, new content and posts on these 3 domains.

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