First, let me spell my name (correctly): Giuseppe.

I know. I do know how challenging is for Anglo-Saxons to write-spell-pronounce the “iu” after the G; and then close the word correctly. As challenging as can be pronouncing Sinéad for me (try, come on).

Years ago I started to collect all emails, receipts, reservations with my name misspelled. An incomplete list follows.

Guisseppi, Guissepi, Guissepe, Guisseppe, Josepi, Josseppi, Jossepe, Guiseppi, Guiseppe, Guisepi, Joseppi, John, Juisep, Jiuseppe, Jusepi, Jusep, Jusseppee, and (the magnificent) Jisifi.

Few hours ago, a new hit, from the cab company that will pick me up  next week at JFK: Guisippe.


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