Press 1 if you are safe


I was supposed to be in Nigeria this week – but for the reasons explained here I had to cancel my flights and stay where I am (now in Milan). Unfortunately I forgot to advise the safety system that my trip was cancelled (my company takes personal safety very seriously, so we have a division and a system that monitor travellers in dangerous countries, with daily cadence).

So I receive a call every day from an automatic system. I have to press 1 if I am safe; 2 if something goes wrong and I need assistance.

If I miss the call, I get emails. Like:

You are receiving  an  email and a  phone call simultaneously .
Please reply to one of those means as soon as possible.
Thank you.  At the top of the body of your reply message, send the number (or number/letter combo if present) of your choice from the menu below.
1: I am safe
2: I need assistance

Which is a serious thing, but the situation is funny, because I live in one of the most quiet districts of Milan and while I go to the food store or I get an espresso at the bar I am getting calls and emails that require immediate answer: yes, drinking my espresso and 1, I am very safe.

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