Not sure who said that Polpo in London is one of the best restaurant in town. For people who doesn’t know much about Polpo, it’s a british replica of typical Venetian restaurants, bacari. Small chain, with shops in Soho, Covent Garden, somewhere else.

Noisy environment, not because of people eating but because of a loud semi-stylish music. You can sit at the bar, or at regular tables.

I have been a couple of times at the restaurant in Covent Garden. Last time, few hours ago. Food is tasty, menus and courses attract your curiosity, waiters are polite and ready to listen. But there is no way to get some bread, bread is even not on the menu (this might be not relevant if you are British; but it’s dramatically important if you are Italian – bread should always be on the table); pizzette are good but topping is too complex for Italian standards; meatballs are big, too big, following American standards – but we are still in a Venetian restaurants, aren’t we?

Bill was £42 for 2 appetizers, 2 plates of meatballs (3 meatballs per plate), 2 glass of wine, 1 affogato (and no, no bread).

Frankly, considering the offering, too much.


  1. By chance, today I ended up on g&f, and realized you’re still alive.
    You’re likely very busy with the aftermath of day 1: so, good luck, and see you next time.

    ps: what’s the policy about names? can I use my nickname, or should I always stick with my real name?

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