Envy and Anger

New York. Just landed. And since I am here, the NYT represents a compulsory reading. Interesting post published yesterday by Paul Krugman about inequality, envy and anger. He points out that it’s not envy that is driving Occupy momevements. It’s anger. Think about it: Did the Occupy protests focus on how the one percent lives?…

Argentina is no danger to the world – but the eurozone is

Jeremy Warner on the Telegraph puts things in the right perspective in his latest article on the Telegraph. Yet there is one region which seems, perversely, to be drawing comfort from the latest turn of events – the eurozone. For the high priests of the single currency, the renewed travails of Argentina and Turkey seem…

Yes, it’s over

Do not worry – the crisis in Italy is over. Dramma della povertà a San Donato: sorto un mini accampamento di senzatetto sotto il ponte di… http://t.co/HeLoM3jHVo — 7giorni (@7giorni) January 7, 2014

Top ideas and innovations for 2014

The last Frost & Sullivan’s top ideas and innovations study for 2014 is downloadable here (summary). Responsive technology (and tablet-ready contents) is missing; at list from this summary. While it was everywhere on 2013 reports.


Here is how London might look like in a couple of decades. The project, called Skycycle (137 miles, 220 Km of superhighway for cycles only) has been presented few weeks ago by Foster and Partners, the same firm of the Gherkin and the millennium bridge. It’s backed by Network Rail, which is increasing year after…

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