What I’ve learned from Content Marketing World day1


I will not try to summarize the full first (busy) day of Content Marketing World 2016, featuring Joe Pulizzi and many other content marketing personalities. Four thousand marketers will attempt to do that, today and in the following days. Blogs, social media, emails. You don’t really need one additional summary. Not from me, at least.

So, I will recap what this 1st day has been, using a few concepts and quotes. Mostly for my records and for the (few) readers that follow me – especially the ones that couldn’t make to Cleveland. It might be a good future reference, for all of us.

Mediocre Content

“Mediocre content will hurt your brand more than doing nothing at all” according to Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute. To create successful content, focus on one audience with one message

Opinions and Research

If you want to create content that achieves a high level of both shares and links, then you should concentrate on strong opinions and original research” says Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media. Strong opinions and original research are the 2 factors that make content successful. What questions are people in your industry afraid to answer? Publish the research that answers those questions “It’s the brand that gives away the most useful information that wins”.

The best promoted content

“It’s not the best content that win: its the best promoted content”. still Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media.

The power of Insight

“Insight is the most powerful but most under-used force in all of count marketing”. Doug Kessler, Velocity. Insight is a non-obvious understanding about your customers. Data is NOT insight. Data is data. Eye candy is not insight (eg. info graphs). Curation is NOT insight. Until you’ll add some analysis.


“Content Marketing is not about content. It’s about the audience. That’s where the value is”. Robert Rose, CMI.

Paid boosts content’s reach?

“Be wary of overinvesting in short-term paid advertising instead of investing in long-term organic” – Sound advice by @randfish. Paid can certainly boost content’s reach… but 90% of all social clicks go to organic (on Google, it’s +80%). Ironically paid works best on content that amplifies well organically. So let’s be wary of over investing in short term paid when that $$ can go to long term organic.


Facebook represents only 5% of overall web traffic referral, so we shouldn’t overinvest on it.

3 questions

We should always ask 3 questions:
Question 1: So what? Because…
It’s a shortcut to customer empathy. Only 29% of marketers are focusing today on content that customers will love.
Question 2: Wait, what?
Question 3: Does this sustain us?
Do we sustain the brand and build long term credibility? And do we sustain ourselves? Are we proud about what we have done?
Best content programs in 2017 should answer these 3 questions.

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