Top inspiring quotes from Content Marketing World 2016


CMW 2016 is now over. Three great days of learning and networking. Still overwhelmed and super-excited for having met most of my preferred content marketers, and for the participation of Mark Hamill (aka. Luke Skywalker), on the CMW’s stage for a great entertaining final keynote.

Yesterday I tried to summarize Day 1, collecting some random notes. I will not repeat the exercise, considering that someone else has done (and will do) a much much better job.

For this and many other reasons (no time, no time, and guess what, no time), I decided instead  to list here all quotes that inspired me or had me stopping and thinking, even just for a moment. This is a non-comprehensive list. Mostly for my records and for the few readers of this blog. Enjoy it.

Mediocre content will hurt your brand more than doing nothing at all. @JoePulizzi

It’s not the best content that win: its the best promoted content, Andy Crestodina, @crestodina, Orbit Media

You get what you give. It’s the brand that gives away the most useful information that wins. Andy Crestodina, , @crestodina, Orbit Media

Insight is the most powerful but most under-used force in all of content marketing. Doug Kessler, @dougkessler, Velocity

Content Marketing is not about content. It’s about the audience. That’s where the value is. Robert Rose, @robert_rose, CMI

When any new form comes into the foreground of things, we naturally look at it through old stereos… Robert Rose, , @robert_rose, CMI

The difference between Content and Content Marketing is the Destination. Michael Brenner, @brennermichael, CEO Marketing Insider Group

Advertising partnership can fund content marketing. Michael Brenner, @brennermichael, CEO Marketing Insider Group

The end goal of content marketing is business action, not eyeballs. Shafqat Islam, @shafqatislam, Co-founder and CEO of NewsCred.

Long form isn’t just cool, it’s useful for: 1. SEO 2. Extending content’s reach.” said Eric Hess, Senior Content Marketing Program Manager at REI

Content that doesn’t deliver value is Nontent. AJ Huisman, @ajhuisman, Y Content Founder

Just added:

Content is the fuel for every marketing channel. It’s the connective thread that weaves all of your marketing channels together. The customer journey and the content journey are one and the same. said Shafqat Islam, @shafqatislam, Co-founder and CEO of NewsCred.

Our goal is not to create more content. Our goal is to create a minimal amount of content with the maximum results. @JoePulizzi

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