LinkedIn’s Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast with Jason Miller


The podcast is public and has been shared everywhere across business social media – mostly Twitter and LinkedIn. I already wrote about the interview and the conversation we had, in my behind-the-scenes post. Now the podcast is public. You can download it here.

Love Jason’s podcast summary.

Listen in on the Conversation as Giuseppe and I Discuss:

The B2B Content Renaissance: As Giuseppe puts it, “We realized there is no boring industry, only boring content.” We discuss how B2B learned to love great content, and what it means for the industry.

The Three Stages of Global Content Marketing: Giuseppe shares the process he went through to kick off a global content program for Schneider.

The Big Rock Turkey Slice Model: Schneider has enjoyed amazing success with the model. Now they’re up to 5X the results they were seeing before. According to Giuseppe, the secret is to support existing campaigns with your Big Rock. That way you can get buy-in from upper management and keep your messaging consistent.

Maintaining a Global Editorial Board: There are 25 stakeholders on Giuseppe’s board, scattered across time zones and regions. He shares his secret for keeping everyone on the same page.

The Sweet Spot for Publishing Frequency: Is it daily? Bi-weekly? We discuss the importance of consistency and quality over a set frequency.

Proving ROI: Giuseppe shares how his team develops objectives and KPIs, then pulls data from multiple sources to show progress.

Giuseppe Caltabiano is an extremely sophisticated marketer, and he’s incredibly generous to share all he has learned from Schneider Electric’s success. You can find him on Twitter @giusec, and get more details on his marketing strategy with this NewsCred article.

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