Behind the scenes – Recording the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast with Jason Miller


Note: this post started as a short story of my meeting with Jason Miller to record his marketing podcast. It ended up with some thoughts about content marketing, pilot programs, creativity and Corp boundaries.

My chat with Jason was a lot of fun. He recorded the Sophisticated Marketer’s podcast today. I was his guest. I am not sure at this stage when it will go live. Before or after Christmas? I don’t know. Yet.

LinkedIn’s HQs in London is a great office. Cool and stylish, comfortable, full of colours. Loved the Dr. Marteen’s meeting room (not sure how to explain – a meeting room with lots of Dr.M’s boots hanging from the roof – yes, you got it right: a bunch of Dr.M’s classic and coloured boots hanging from the ceiling and the glass door). Which is the room where we recorded the podcast. Free coffee, soft drinks, flavoured water.

Jason and I have a very aligned vision about what content marketing is; and  how to move forward, step by step, using big rocks, turkey slices, pilots, global programs. We both love the fun of experimenting with social media and content (and now with global models). We both love the freedom that a pilot program can give us, detached as it is from Corporate’s schemes, built with the only objective of testing new ideas, releasing your creativity and then measuring results. And it doesn’t really matter if things go wrong – the pilot will be fixed and tested again until things will work and content will bring exceptional results.

At the end, Jason’s book was a fundamental piece of my content education, so no big surprise if our views share so many identical aspects. I just absorbed what he taught on his book. Of course my team and I personalised some of the steps, we based our content model on our daily experience within a large, complex and process-heavy enterprise; but at the end, most of the concepts are coming from him and other authors (funny enough, I learned today that he’s a similar approach: learning from books, digesting, personalising, creating new models).

So it was a fun. Content Marketing is fun, after all: if done properly and untied from schemes and Corp boundaries.

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