FIR B2B podcast: How Schneider Electric Builds Content Marketing Around ‘Big Rocks’

My new podcast is live! It’s my interview for FIR (For Immediate Release) B2B, with @pgillin and @dstrom. Had great time answering Paul and David’s questions about Content Marketing in B2B and my 1 year content strategy experience with Schneider Electric.

Content Marketing podcast on FIR B2B

It’s Friday, sunny, 30 degrees, on the edge of a bank holiday and long weekend for almost all Londoners (I represent an exception, since I am working for a global org), and with most of the people I know still in vacation and sending photos and memories from beaches and seas. Instead, I just completed…

My Content Marketing podcast with Elliot Polak

Note. This post has been originally published by Elliot Polak on Textappeal’s blog. Podcast can be found on Soundcloud. The Masters and Mavericks podcast, hosted by Textappeal and Newsroom founder Elliot Polak, is a dedicated portal for discussing global content marketing, global social media strategies, and other means of propagating a company’s message across the…

Masters & Mavericks in Global Marketing – Ep. 4 is live!

The new podcast from Elliot Polak with my interview is now live! We have discussed about Content Marketing in B2B, its challenges, integration of content-social-PR, the best social media platforms, how a global model works and how to succeed. Thanks, Elliot. It was a very pleasant chat. :)

The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking

Back to work, after a long-time planned friend reunion in Boston and a long bank holiday here in London. Completed the Content Marketing podcast, few days ago, and now waiting for final result… : )  Also, sent some content for a blog post to my favourite Content Marketing newsletter/blog, but that’s something I will disclose…