B2B Content Renaissance?

Just love this tweet. What is a #B2B Content Renaissance? @giusec and @JasonMillerCA explain in The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: https://t.co/BI6w9Vdtsk pic.twitter.com/uW5BIaQ0km — LinkedIn Marketing (@LinkedInMktg) February 13, 2017 My answer…. Well… it was the “B2B marketing revenge” but actually I like the “B2B content renaissance” much more! ;) #contentrenaissance https://t.co/xOAqJ52FWg — Giuseppe Caltabiano (@giusec) February…


The big news of the day. Microsoft and LinkedIn: Joining forces to empower professionals and organizations. https://t.co/3p3jVNGlOz pic.twitter.com/6reNh2A2ec — LinkedIn (@LinkedIn) June 13, 2016