Presenting Marketing to M&A experts

My next conference as a speaker (8th Merger Integration Management Forum, 17-18 March, Amsterdam) is approaching and I am dedicating some time today for preparation. Also had a great call to understand the audience. Well, this time will be different: still a marketing-focused presentation, but different audience, different cut, different expectations. In fact, it’s my…

Global 2015 M&As: a summary

A surge of deals in the pharmaceuticals, energy and consumer sectors has pushed merger & acquisition activity to an all-time high, surpassing 2007’s peak — but dealmakers have admitted that bond market turmoil and geopolitical instability are their biggest worries for 2016.

Mergers that fail

Sometime mergers go well. Other times they fail. The one between SE and Aveva just failed – even before its formal start… See if you can spot from Aveva’s shares when its tie-up with Schneider Electric collapsed — fastFT (@fastFT) December 15, 2015

Some resources for Content/Influencer Marketers

Here is a list of my latest posts on LinkedIn Pulse re: #contentmarketing, #contentstrategy, #influencermarketing, #M&A. Each post has been replicated (and in some cases updated) on this blog for my/everybody’s records. Influencer Marketing: the basics 10 Great Content Marketing Blogs Content Marketing M&A on the rise How to develop a Content Marketing Strategy for…